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“The ARGUS Guy!”

As a licensed ARGUS power user and an Asset Advisory Specialist of commercial real estate; using ARGUS I create financial modeling and property analysis for managers, landlords, investment brokers, accountants, sophisticated and astute investors, management and holdings companies throughout the United States.
I possess the many tools necessary to conquer adversity by creating ad-hoc rationalizations of complex and perplexing financial cash-flow modeling assignments.
Decisions based on leveraged and unleveraged lease vs. own, sell vs. hold and buy with a predetermined exit strategic scenarios are all supported with accuracy and favorable viability.

This fact sheet link (ARGUS DCF 15 & ARGUS Enterprise 10.5) further illustrates why ARGUS has become the respected financial modeling platform of commercial real estate and a respected language in aiding clients with complex investment decisions, understandings and methodologies found in acquisitions, dispositions, measuring and evaluating overall lease performance, tenant rollover assumptions, vacancy and absorption while evaluating NOI increases/decreases, cash on cash, cap rate matrix, PV, NPV etc., etc.

Lease abstractions and CAM auditing are completed with seasoned eyes generally revealing overlooked valuable details; potentially increasing NOI relevant an ARGUS assignment.

Please click on the following link for a very simplistic example of Ad-Hoc Rationalization!


Listed below are a few testaments of my ARGUS financial modeling services.  Please click on their photos (linking their respective websites) to learn more about each of them, their business practices and impeccable services offered.  They are commercial real estate professionals and I am very appreciative their comments and opinions of services received.


” We recently utilized Brent’s services and I highly recommend him! Brent was very responsive and willing to go-the-extra-yard to deliver on a tight time-frame! “

Jeffrey D. Doxey CCIM
President, NAI EAGLE
Richmond, VA

” We’re one of the folks who found Brent via his post and are using him to help us with some number of runs and it’s working well. This is great example of how CCIM Connect is ‘connecting’ CCIM’s to work with and help one another. “
Timothy Blair CCIM
Birmingham, AL



” Thanks for your assistance with 1333 Mayflower. I hope to earn a nice commission on this sale. ”
Scott Martin SIOR
Pasadena, CA



Raving Testimonials

Brent Sears CCIM SIOR
A BIG Thanks to Contributors of Testimonials !